Friday, August 13, 2010

Breaking the (facebook) habit

My groovy senior picture
I remember when someone first asked me if I had a myspace account. Surprisingly, I had never even heard of the thing. But once I got on, and friends started adding me, I got hooked. Suddenly, it was all about your top ten friends list (aaah!! who to choose?!?) and making your page super cool, with music on your site that was always intended (at least for me) as a secret way of conveying a message to someone I knew, whether it was a boy I liked, or....okay, it was almost always in reference to a boy that I liked.Sigh. The naivety of being a teenager.
I heard about facebook, but it was only for those who were in a registered, real college. Then one glorious day, facebook made itself available for everyone. At the time, I was still attending Bible college so imagine my sheer thrill when I too could join the facebook crowd. I had heard about it from my older brother, but now, oh now, I was in. And so, I set about making my page characteristically cool. I had the best quotes, the most update "about me" section, the nicest profile picture I could find. I was set. And leaving myspace behind.
Four years later, I've made a few realizations:
A) I go on there way too often to see what message someone wrote me, or who posted what on my wall. Sometimes, I admit: I go on there for no good reason
B) I guarantee that no one will miss my presence on facebook. I can also guarantee that no one cares that I am on facebook. Win/lose situation.
C) If you're really my friend, you'll call, text or email. None of this facebook only nonsense
D) Facebook has started affecting me negatively. That's a good indicator that it's time for a break.
Therefore, a clean break is in order. As of this coming week, I am hereby suspending my facebook account for one month. I'll re-evaluate in that time and we'll see where I am at. Likely, I will go back on. But for now, adios facebook.