Tuesday, May 25, 2010


When school began to wrap up for the semester I began to worry about my summer schedule and working. I always work full time in the summer and the funds enable me to tide my way through the long winter months when I am incredibly broke.

This time around, however, there were not enough hours to go around at the Vet clinic. Essentially, I was screwed. Everyone had taken the good hours (and why shouldn't they?) and I had....two days a week.

I decided to get a second job. I lasted one week there before realizing that if I had to spend another week there I would become the most sad, depressed, emo person on the planet.  And that is something that is simply not allowed.

So I decided that I would just see what happens, and stop trying to fight God's timing. (Something I always tend do to. Yes, I am an impatient person)

Two days later I get a phone call that a co-worker took an unfortunate fall down a flight of stairs (I didn't do it, promise!) and that as a result she had broken her foot and wrist, would be requiring surgery and that she would (obviously) not be able to work as usual, and that her hours were now mine.

Sounds great....until I get another phone call telling me that I get to do her job which is something I actually don't want to do. Fancy that! See, I work up front in reception. I like it, I love interacting with clients and their pets, I like my up front co-workers, I like answering the phone, making appointments, getting first hand knowledge of what's coming in, etc. This is the job I applied for almost two years ago, and this is the job I would like to stick with until I can become gainfully employed as an EMT.

See, my co-worker works "in the back" as an assistant to the Veterinarians. The times that I have been in back have often been so-so experiences, and most of my memories of "being in back" bring back thoughts of A) God awful smells B) Seeing/hearing God awful things/sights C) Trying not get bitten by any animal, D) Not knowing what I'm doing and playing the charade that I'm just having a peachy old time helping out, or E) All the above

So now, I get to "work in back" three days a week and spend one day a week up front. Not quite the answer to prayers I was hoping for (especially at the expense of my co-worker) but who am I to complain? So I'll be in back, trying not to vomit when things get gnarly (oh the stories I could tell...) and try to make the best out of this strange, strange situation.

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