Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Too Much Information

How lucky am I to have two moments to write about today! (and just when I thought life was getting boring...)

Story One

Conversation at work:

Co-worker One: "Man, I just lost all my energy today. I have to sit"
Me: "If I sit, then I'll for sure never get up" (I've just spent the entire day on my feet)
Co-worker One: "Don't your feet hurt?"
Me: "No, it's really my lower back that hurts. It happens when I spend a lot of time standing up"

Co-worker One and I continue to have a conversation about what it's like to spend all day standing, never getting a chance to sit down, and how yes, your back will inevitably ache.

Meanwhile, Co-worker Two has been listening to our entire conversation. Entirely impossible to miss the conversation since she's sitting only two feet away. Her response to all this?

First, she looks around, to make sure no one is looking. Then she cups her hands so that she is able to amplify whatever important thing that she is about to say. And then, oh then, she loudly whispers:

"It's called your period"

No. No it is not. It's called BACK PAIN from standing up ALL day.

Story Two

I attended a graduation of a friend tonight. Afterwards, while everyone is joyfully chatting away, I am approached by an old acquaintance, the younger brother of my friend who just graduated.

We make small talk. He asks me how I've been, I respond with the typical jargon used for people you have not seen or spoken to in years. I ask how he's been. He says:

"A lot better than I was a month ago!"

Naturally, one is going to inquire further. So, imagine my surprise when he says (really matter of factly, too)

"I had to have my right testicle removed"

 ....a terrible injury of some sort, apparantly.



  1. Is your job to stand around and do nothing all day?

  2. Whoa now. Read my last blog entitled "Work"

  3. Fair enough. Do you enjoy working at a vet?

  4. lol, love the awkward turtle! So fitting :)

  5. Tis an interesting adventure, to be sure. Human and animal medicine do have some similarities!

  6. Like how both species drool over Sarah. lol