Tuesday, February 15, 2011

On the brink

So there I was, tra-la-la-ing along, entering a commonly known store. A day like any other, I had just successfully completed my first microbiology exam, and had finished a rather pleasant meeting with a friend.

The sun was shining, the weather was warm, I was happy.

As I'm entering the store, intent on getting a few items, an employee approaches me, waving and smiling.


Now this man has occasionally tried to converse with me, and sometimes I've gotten the impression that he thinks we know each other. We do not.

I try to go on my way, but he blocks me, and grabs my hand. He doesn't let go readily. I had to pry my digits away from this insane man.

Going from bad to worse, he hugs me.


I try, oh I try to pull away. But this guy isn't letting go anytime soon. So, I pull back, stepping back. I'm trying to run away, trying to move. but he won't let me.

HELP! 911! Axe murderer!

He starts talking, asking how I've been. I tell him I'm great, busy with school.

Meanwhile, my mind is racing, thinking of ways I can run away.

Suddenly, I get a text! He starts laughing and says "Ghost Buster's theme? I like it!"

....except that I don't have a Ghost Buster themed text message sound on my phone.

I keep ending the conversation, trying to walk away, but he's literally trying to keep me there, even introducing himself to me, and shaking and not letting go of my hand.

Literally pulling away from his grasp I turn in a last ditch effort to get away from him, I start walking. He meanwhile says it was "great seeing me". Speed walking away (running would look too frantic, but in hindsight, perhaps I should have), I quickly breeze through the store, thoroughly disgusted, grossed out, and creeped out (among many, MANY other things) and buy hand sanitizer. I put so much on that I actually rubbed some on my face just to kill any microbes from Mister Creeper.


So two options here:

I'm getting a body guard
I'm moving to the middle of no where and never leaving my home. Ever. Ever.

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