Monday, March 14, 2011

Rock on

The mountain man/hippie type:



Beard. Big beard.

Hair. Long hair.

- - -
Work started out wild today. In between a tail amputation and a woman almost going ballistic because she was sick of caring for her allergy prone dog, my favorite co-worker, Kim, on a whimsical moment, handed me a fake diamond ring to wear when most needed.

Tucking it into my pocket, I soon forgot about it, lost in the hectic Monday.

Mountain Man!

He is a relatively kind fellow, who loves [adores!] his wolf mix dog. However, she is getting up in her years, and he has decided of late that he wants to adopt a malamute puppy.

I try to be generic and converse with him but our initial conversation goes like this: (me in purple, he in blue)

"Hi! How are... good are you? you?
"I'm great! How is... How is work? ...your dog?"

As you can see, completely jumbled. And awkward. I don't like having mixed up conversations.

Cautiously avoiding his ever longing gaze (trust me, I know what I'm talking about here) he hands me his business card saying that he wants me to call him should I ever get the low down on a malamute puppy for sale.

Then, slipping it into the same sentence, he tells me to hey, just give him a call if I ever get:
A) Lonely
B) Bored
C) Hungry

He'll "entertain me".

Immediately, visions of a creepy cabin in the woods enters my mind.

A silence ensues. I stare at his beard. His long hair. His beard again.

I decide, facial hair is weird.

Then I do the most logic thing; I change the subject back to puppies. I wish, in this moment that I was wearing my faux diamond ring.

If ever questioned, (as I often am to my relationship status), I could quip:
"Yes, my non existent boyfriend gave it to me"

It would work charms! Wonders!

But alas. We talked about puppies. We talked about finding puppies on craigslist. We talked about exchanging a puppy for blown glass. (He's a glass blower).

Upon leaving, Mountain Man asks my name. I tell him and he says:

"Rock on"

Indeed, friends.

Rock. On.


  1. His ever longing "gauze"??? :P

    I liked the ease and comfort with which you handled the ensuing silence, first pondering the beard, then the hair, then the beard again. Your skills in these awkward situations are impressive indeed!

  2. Ha! Thank you. I need to start proof reading. My mind was full of A&P/microbiology knowledge. That's my exuse, and I'm sticking to it.