Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Timing is everything

My day started off fun. I got a jolly email from my bank saying "You got charged a fee!" then another email stating again "You got charged (another) fee!" Okay, so I've been pretty poor lately. After almost dying from influenza back in April and then taking some time off for my brother's wedding, my bank account was never the same.

I promptly called the bank and all my not-so-friendly customer service guy would tell me is that I need to consider getting over-draft service (gee thanks buck-o) and that he'd "work with me" on the charges, because, well, it wasn't entirely all my fault. When I inquired how I could get the charges taken off (this was after all, my first time ever getting back to back charges for insufficient funds) he said not so kindly, "I just told you I'd work with you" So I guess that means.....?

After that dandy start, I went to school. It was pretty dulls-ville. I dissected a cat for the millionth time, took a look at my classmates' dissected cats, and took my lab-partner's blood pressure (the guy who isn't happy about anything. Seriously.)

Today though, I had an important meeting to attend after class.

Last night, as I was studying the veins and arteries in the body (thrill a minute, let me tell you), I got a phone call.

The phone call was from the director of the Emergency Department. She wanted to know if I was still interested in doing seasonal EMT work for them. After my botched interview in April, I had begun to think that all the time I had spent pouring over my studies to become an EMT were perhaps in vain, and that my next best chance at getting to work in the medical field would be after I had become a nurse (about 2.5 million years from now).

So as my non-interview finally transpired, I was simply asked if I want to be an ER tech. DO I WANT TO BE AN ER TECH?!? I have dreamed of this since before I became a certified EMT!

Even more important:
Did I actually not botch my job interview?

And so, I have accepted the job. I was informed that in addition to taking vitals and getting a medical history, I will also be starting IV's, doing blood draws, and.....doing CPR when necessary!

Of course, then I realized that the hospital actually trusts me with people's lives and then admittedly, I got a little nervous realizing how important my job will be. But, this is what I have been waiting for.

So, if you feel like you're dying, head on over my way.

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  1. Congrats! I'm happy for you -Dale Murphy